Secure Communication Solution

For Smart Organizations & Individuals

Secure Calls

Make end-to-end encrypted internet based voice calls with crystal clear voice clarity.

Secure Instant Messaging

Send secure instant messages with end-to-end encryption and smart messaging features.

Secure File Sharing

Share files securely. Compatible files include video, audio, drawing, voice messages, documents, and location.

Secure Group Conversations

Group conversation allows several users (in a validated group) to collaborate in a single conversation securely.

Get SMART Instant Messaging with

Experience SMART Instant messaging with features like evaporating message, message withdrawal, message editing, message state, and priority messages.

Manage Everything in One Place –
Admin Panel for Organizations

All users of a particular group are managed through a dedicated web panel which is also used for sending broadcast messages to all members.

Designed for Closed Groups & Smart Teams

ShieldCrypt has been designed to offer convenience and complete privacy to closed groups and smart teams.

Military Grade Encryption

With our custom encryption, you can be assured of high data security whether you make calls, send messages, or share files.

Productive Collaboration

High data security should not compromise on team collaboration. With ShieldCrypt, you can collaborate and remain productive at the same time.

In-House Deployment

In-house deployment provides greater control over traffic and the security of the communication system.

Simple User Interface

The user interface is designed while keeping in mind the needs of every person and not just the technically sound.

Scalable Architecture

SHIELDCRYPT is easily scalable for any closed group size. If you wish to grow your business, ShieldCrypt will grow with you.

SMART Instant Messaging

Experience SMART instant messaging with features like evaporating message, message withdrawal, message editing, message state, and priority messages.

For Individuals

Just get your friends and contacts to obtain an individual user licence from ShieldCrypt and start communicating securely. Rest assured, you will never lose any information ever again.

For Organizations

Data theft is real and it could cripple your business by stealing crucial information without your knowledge. Empower your business with ShieldCrypt's smart and secure communication solution today!

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Get our all-in-one secure communication app today and enjoy complete peace of mind while ShieldCrypt ensures that you never lose any information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q What is a passphrase?

A Passphrase is a secure pin set by user during registration. ShieldCrypt uses a passphrase to implement an additional layer of security for the user.

Q Can I edit all messages in a conversation?

A No user is authorized to edit all messages in a conversation. A user may only edit messages sent by him / her in the conversation.

Q What is the use of organization / admin panel?

A An admin panel will be available to organizations where the administrator can manage users, send broadcast messages, manage groups, and get user statistics.

Q What is message broadcast?

A User identity management,Secret Passphrase,Self destructive message,Secure app switcher,Secure call,Screen shot restricted (Android Only),Notification content limitation. (Never show text).

Q What security features does the ShieldCrypt app provide to the user?

A ShieldCrypt provides features like user identity management, secret passphrase, self-destructing (evaporating) message, secure app switcher, secure call, screen shot restriction (Android Only), and notification content limitation. These features are exclusive to the application and offer convenience to the user.

Q What is the difference between organization account and individual account?

A ShieldCrypt can be activated for organization or an individual user. All users in same organization will be visible to each other and can share information or data via secure call and secure message. Individual users will be required to connect with a public user before initiating conversation with them through the app.

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